Foreigners legally resident in Costa Rica or Costa Ricans with a foreign driver's license, who wish to qualify to drive vehicles in the country, may opt for the homologation of the foreign driver's license, which they have. It is important to notice that people who have a foreign license can drive the vehicles allowed by the category obtained within 3 months after the last entry into the country. Although the interested party can also choose to obtain a Costa Rican driver's license, this procedure gives him the benefit of dispensing with the two necessary exams, theoretical and practical.

By means this process you will be able to obtain that the license with the one that counts, be it of its country of origin or in a third party. The same must be done in a very personal way at Cosevi branch in Uruca at the Driver Accreditation Department since 8:00 am up to 11:00 am. Said process will be solved on the same day, the time frame will depend on the affluence of people at the office making the same process.

 Requirements needed:

1. Valid document that certifies the legal permanence in the country, it can be the residence card, refugee card or work permit.

2. Provide the valid driver's license approved.

3. Concerned person must prove by means of the stamps in his passport or by a certification of entries and exits of the country that at some point has remained consecutively more than 3 months and a day in the country. At this point, it is important to emphasize that it is not necessary that the 3 months be counted from the approval of the residence or the obtaining the cédula.

4. Medical certificate, which has a variable cost.

5. Provide two copies of each document on both sides, and note on the copy of the driver's license, address and signature. Two sets of copies of each document, in the case of licenses must be photocopied by both sides, and in the copy of the same indicate address and signature.

6. on the day of the processing, after the homologation process is approved, proceed to cancel the license of driving license for ₵ 4000, it is canceled in the window of the BCR of the branch Cosevi of Uruca.

7. In the event that the institution expresses doubts about the legitimacy of the license or does not comply with the standards of the Driving License of the Country of Origin, documents must be presented for the best resolution of the application among which are: a certification the country of origin, the transport ministry or the Embassy.

8. In case of difference of surnames by marriage, they must present original marriage certificate and two copies, those documents must to be in Spanish language or its respective translation.

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    Tax and Labor Panamá, 2017

    ARALAW Attorneys was present at the annual Tax and Labor meeting. Attorney Alejandro Rodríguez and Attorney Mónica Roman represented our firm in this important event held in Panamá.

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    BLITA, Perú 2017

    ARALAW Attorneys received a recognition for being part of Blita International organization during the past five years providing personalized attention to local and international companies. Attorney Monica Roman was part of the annual meeting held in Lima Peru.

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