Civil Law, Litigation and Arbitration

ARA LAW Attorneys offers to the clients the suitable knowledge for handling processes that guarantee the effective custody of its clients´ property rights, real property and personal rights, resulting in an effective advocacy of the set of rights described.

In addition, ARA LAW Attorneys has successfully assumed the development of a variety of civil processes such as payments, pledges, mortgages, probates, injunctions, sentence execution, ordinaries and shortcuts processes.

Civil and Corporate Contracts

  • Urban rents and condominiums.
  • General Contracts' Conditions.
  • Contracts of Agency, Distribution, Concessions and Franchising.
  • Procedures of resolutions and contract termination.
  • Procedures of Validation, Interpretation and Execution contracts.
  • Property, Possession, Transmission and Administration of real estate.
  • Debt Recovery.

Execution Processes

  • Personal Guarantees (Bonds) and Real Guarantees (Pledges and Mortgages).
  • Bills of exchange, checks and notes.
  • Judgments and arbitration awards.
  • Judicial Titles.
  • Provisional executions of judgments.
  • Payment and exchange procedures.
  • Process relating to fundamental rights and inheritance rights.
  • Determination and integration of the inheritance estate.
  • Objection of Testamentary Dispositions.
  • Violation of the honor, privacy and self-image rights.
  • Distribution of inheritance.

International Processes

  • Allegation and proof of foreign law.
  • International jurisdiction.
  • Community Disputes.
  • Determination of applicable law.
  • Immunity from legal process.
  • Pendency and international connectedness.
  • Precautionary measures.
  • Notification and examination of evidence abroad.
  • Proceedings before the European Commission.
  • Recognition and enforcement of judgments and other foreign securities.


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    Jan '18

    Tax and Labor Panamá, 2017

    ARALAW Attorneys was present at the annual Tax and Labor meeting. Attorney Alejandro Rodríguez and Attorney Mónica Roman represented our firm in this important event held in Panamá.

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  • 11
    Jan '18

    BLITA, Perú 2017

    ARALAW Attorneys received a recognition for being part of Blita International organization during the past five years providing personalized attention to local and international companies. Attorney Monica Roman was part of the annual meeting held in Lima Peru.

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