Corporate Law

Our experience in corporate and commercial law allows us to advise you to optimize your resources.

Corporate law

The legal advices that ARA LAW offers includes all the commercial-legal matters that a company has to deal with throughout its existence, starting with its creation and the drafting of bylaws, and continuing with advice in matters specifically related to the corporations themselves, the responsibility of the members of the board of directors and attorneys-in-fact, and in general, compliance with any type of formality resulting from Corporate Law, so that the Company's legal standing, both its organization as well as its ordinary activities, adheres to the law, and for such purposes, the firm offers the following services:

• Creation of corporations.
• Statutory reforms.
• Boards of Directors.
• Corporate restructurings.
• Obligations and responsibility of shareholders and representatives.
• Agreements between partners.

 Commercial Contracts

ARA LAW Attorneys advises its clients in the negotiation, design, and execution of any type of commercial and agreement contracts:

• Commercial, agency, distribution, franchise, and supply contracts.
• Outsourcing licenses and contracts.
• Work construction contracts.
• Setting-up of sureties and collateral: mortgages, mortgage bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, and others.
• Association and collaboration contracts.
• Advertising and sponsorship contracts.
• Industrial and professional services contracts.
• Transportation and logistics contract.
• Contracts and sub-contracts assignments.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Derecho Corporativo

ARA LAW Attorneys makes easier for you the process to acquire and sell corporations, through the purchase-sale of shares or through merger by absorption, representing both local and foreign clients from different sectors.

Legal Due Diligence

ARA LAW Attorneys makes a diagnosis of the company which allows attaining a full vision of its current state from a legal standpoint, identifying and assessing any contingency present at the corporation, and evaluating on the preventive and corrective measures that are necessary to adopt.


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    Jan '18

    Tax and Labor Panamá, 2017

    ARALAW Attorneys was present at the annual Tax and Labor meeting. Attorney Alejandro Rodríguez and Attorney Mónica Roman represented our firm in this important event held in Panamá.

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    Jan '18

    BLITA, Perú 2017

    ARALAW Attorneys received a recognition for being part of Blita International organization during the past five years providing personalized attention to local and international companies. Attorney Monica Roman was part of the annual meeting held in Lima Peru.

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