Criminal Law

ARA-LAW Attorneys provides top quality technical defense during criminal prosecution. At ARA-LAW Attorneys, we ensure results based on reasonability and proportionality parameters, which are fundamental principles of criminal procedures. Together with the making of Criminal Complaints, Claims, Civil Actions, as well as assistance during the respective hearings and the drafting of Appeals and Abrogation and Review Recourses, we seek to ensure a result faithful to Justice and that is governed by our Rule of Law.

The topics related to Criminal Law services include:

  • Economic Criminal Law: ARA-LAW Attorneys, focusing on the increasing of the economic crime that has worsened in the last few years around the world, has worked directly on the impact on the assets of legal persons, thus leading to effective procedures of this kind of non-violent crime that causes significant financial losses.
  • Tax Criminal Law: ARA-LAW Attorneys has engaged in the task of studying the phenomena of our social reality. Regarding tax matters, tax evasion dates back to very remote times; due to the specialization in this topic and specifically in tax-related crimes, ARA-LAW Attorneys has started analyzing crimes such as inducing the Tax Administration to make errors, the failure to deliver withheld or earned taxes, which has contributed to significant expertise in this area.
  • Intellectual Property Criminal Law: ARA-LAW Attorneys emphasizes Intellectual Property Law and has an excellent command of general knowledge in this area; there is a trend toward the analysis of Intellectual Property crimes, in order to provide the client with a total protection and quality regarding rights in the area.
  • Traffic Criminal Law: ARA-LAW Attorneys provides clients with quality guidance regarding traffic criminal matters; the knowledge related to the processing of Actions for Negligent Injuries resulting from violations of the Traffic Law reassures the clients that they are provided with a quality service.


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    Jan '18

    Tax and Labor Panamá, 2017

    ARALAW Attorneys was present at the annual Tax and Labor meeting. Attorney Alejandro Rodríguez and Attorney Mónica Roman represented our firm in this important event held in Panamá.

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  • 11
    Jan '18

    BLITA, Perú 2017

    ARALAW Attorneys received a recognition for being part of Blita International organization during the past five years providing personalized attention to local and international companies. Attorney Monica Roman was part of the annual meeting held in Lima Peru.

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