Corporate law

We advise your company in every aspect and stage of your operation, so that you can maximize your results.

The corporate legal advice offered by ARA-LAW covers all the commercial legal problems that arise throughout the life of a company, starting with its constitution and the drafting of its bylaws and continuing with advice on the matters of the corporate bodies, the responsibility of the members of the board of directors and attorneys-in-fact, making shareholder agreements and in general, compliance with any type of formality derived from Company Law, in order that the legal situation of the company, both in your organization as in your daily work, be attached to the law. For this purpose we offer the following services:

  • Constitution of Commercial Companies.
  • Preparation and Amendments of the Statutes.
  • Organization and Appointment of Boards of Directors.
  • Corporate restructuring.
  • Obligations and Responsibility of shareholders and attorneys.
  • Shareholders’ Agreements, Preparation of
  • Minutes and Holding of Assemblies.
  • Empowerment.
  • Resident Agent Services.
  • Legalization of Social Books