Civil Law, Litigation & Arbitration

ARA-LAW Abogados, offers its clients the ideal knowledge for the processing of processes that guarantee the effective protection of their property rights, other real rights and personal rights, resulting in the effective defense of said set of rights.
In addition, we have successfully assumed the development of civil proceedings such as, payment, security, mortgage, inheritance, interdictal, execution of judgment, ordinary and abbreviated.

Civil & Commercial Contracts

  • Urban leases and horizontal property
  • General Conditions of Contract
  • Agency, Distribution, Concession and Franchise
  • Contracts
  • Contract resolution and termination procedures
  • Procedures on validity, interpretation and execution of contracts
  • Property, possession, transmission and administration of real estate
  • Claims for quantity

Execution processes

  • Personal guarantees (surety) and real (pledge and mortgage)
  • Bills of exchange, checks and promissory notes
  • Foreign arbitration judgments and awards
  • Judicial titles
  • Provisional execution of judicial decisions
  • Payment and exchange procedures
  • Processes regarding fundamental rights and inheritance law
  • Determination and integration of hereditary wealth
  • Challenge of testamentary provisions
  • Infringement of the rights to honor, privacy and self-image
  • Inheritance partition

International processes

  • Allegation and proof of foreign law
  • International judicial competence
  • Community litigation
  • Determination of applicable law
  • Immunity from
  • jurisdiction and enforcement
  • Litispendency and international connection
  • Precautionary measures
  • Notification and taking of tests abroad
  • Procedures before the European Commission
  • Recognition and execution of judicial decisions and other foreign titles