Industrial property

We have a team specialized in Industrial Property with great experience, which aims to protect your interests and those of your company.

ARA-LAW has a highly experienced team specialized in Industrial Property, whose purpose is to protect your interests and those of your company in terms of your intangible assets.

In addition, we are active members of prestigious national and international associations in which we constantly update our knowledge in the various fields of Intellectual Property with the help of our extensive network of correspondents around the world.

Among the services we provide in our Industrial Property Department are the following:

Registry of Distinctive Signs in Costa Rica and the rest of the world of:

    • Trademarks.
    • Tradenames.
    • Propaganda Signs.
    • Certification Marks.
    • Collective Trademarks.
    • Denominations of Origin.
    • Use Licenses.
    • Domain Names.
    • Cattle Brands.
    • Trademark Renewals.
    • Invention Patents.
    • Industrial Designs.
    • Health Records of Products.
    • Foods.
    • Cosmetics.
    • Medicines.
    • Intellectual Property
    • Litigation.
    • Actions of nullity and cancellation of registrations and domain names.